How to sell handmade products


CNC topographical wooden state w/ Fusion 360

We got a CNC and learned how to use it! We made a wooden topographical state using Fusion 360 to convert CAD to CAM (we’ll go into what that means). 👇 materials & links below! 👇 ■ Full

DIY wood keychain quick connects

By popular demand, we put these on our Etsy shop! https://goo.gl/QqUmqq 👇 materials & links below! 👇 We made wooden keychain quick connects with magnets embedded in them. These are great for

How to patch and repair drywall

👇 materials & links below! 👇 The drywall in our garage was sad. But we fixed it up by patching holes (tiny, medium, and big ones), repairing corners, and painting!

Start Your Business on Etsy

Interested in starting an online business? Etsy is a global, online marketplace for selling handmade items, vintage goods and craft supplies. Etsy provides an easy-to-use platform, making it simple