How to Spawn NPC Guards & Villagers in Starbound


Starbound Tips: Commands

Today I cover most of the commands in Starbound and how to use them. I left off some commands because they either didn't function, or aren't quite useful at this point in development. I will probably

How to Unlock the Delta Sector in Starbound

How to Unlock the Delta sector, get a gun, and beat the Dragon King! Planet Coordinates for guns:X -100000148 Y 18172784 Gamma Deneb Al Okab Aus 749 - The top Ice moon. Click Here To Subscribe 

How to Get Pets in Starbound

How to capture your very own pets in #Starbound. It's rather easy. Click Here To Subscribe  http://bit.ly/19ksM1a Starbound  http://playstarbound.com Steam 

Starbound Glitch Village!

Alpha BQ Gem 039 V d - , Coordinates X -28826352 Y 51858159 Forrest Planet, Run LEFT, Threat Level 1. A Glitch village on our forest world! Enjoy and subscribe for more Starbound