Once we leave service if we do anything at all we need to continue to provide overwatch to our own. #brothersinarms #ptsd #overwatch #22toomany #survive #adapt #overcome
My pocket survived Black Friday.
Quick pencil sketch while watching 500 days of summer.
#survive #towrs #sketch #art #type #goodtype #typography #thedailytype #typespire #goodtype #typebyhand
Hanya orang-orang yang kuatlah yang bisa melepaskan sesuatu, orang-orang yang berhasil menaklukkan diri sendiri. Meski terasa sakit, menangis, marah, tapi pada akhirnya bisa tulus melepaskan, maka dia telah berhasil menaklukkan diri sendiri. *Tereliye .

#hujan #tereliye #survive 📷 @riffaaffifah
Make it your number one goal to weather the storms that life throw your way.😎 Once you make it a habit, this is the attitude. This is the mood. All day, everyday.😁#mymood#myattitude #bebrave#survive
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Believe it 🤗
♥ do you believe more in the society or yourself
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УАЗ от РВС , для меня оказался очень удачным приобретением и занял место основного ножа на охоте #мояохота #мойнож#myknife #myknifes #survive #photoknife #knifes#rvsknives
Holding on hurts more than letting go. Think about, is he/she worthy to have yourself pained every night, tears soaked through your pillow?
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