This week, I attended an event where there were name tags, and for the first time in the muggle world, I listed my true name and pronouns. I feel grateful that I am in a place now where I have ...
This book has (and will continue to) change the way I think and lead. It came into my life at the perfect time and has taught me so much. Thank you @lauraa.dowling for putting it into my hands 💛 You ...
Self care = not beating your self up when you make stupid mistakes like giving up a shift to buy part of turkey when you can't pay rent. Self care = shaking it off and actually applying to another job ...
Pretty much 🕉 living my truth, as I tune into the radiant energy of love, to the universe that resides within me and amongst us all ✨ #selfempowered #selfempowerment #livingmytruth #emilylouiseyoga #selflove #yogaeverydamnday #gratitudeeveryday #namaste
Attention :only positive attitudes allowed in this area 😝Wonder Woman Wednesday Holla at cha girl 🤨😂Now Go Love ❤️ Smooches 😘love you 💯#itsyourgirlyoscotty #watchoutforthebiggirl #superscott✌🏿️ #livingmytruth #spreadlove#shesodope #fly ...Happy Holidays😊
I need everyone out there to support my bro @kylealexander711 new single #livingmytruth 🔥🔥🔥 #hiphop #hiphopculture #realhiphop #hiphopmusic #hiphophead #chh #christianrapper #christianrap #christianhiphop#newmusic #videooftheday
Viktor Manoel
#mexicansoul #americanspirit #punkcowboy #livingmytruth #viktormanoel
It's Welcome Wednesday: An opportunity for all of us to get to know each other better!
Each Wednesday, I'm going to share some aspect of my multi-faceted self, but this isn't just about me--I want to know about you, ...
I judged a bong making competition at work and got to test out two insane cat tower bongs which is pretty cool and fitting honestly. Check out the full video on @superdeluxe YouTube and Facebook! 🐈🏠🔥🧚‍♀️💨 #livingmytruth
I said I wasn't gonna cook anything this year but here I am, two daya before thanksgiving and I've started preparing.
#sweetpotatopie .
#iamtonza #iamblessed #writer #author #storyteller #mentor #entrepreneur #success #philanthropist #meditation #livingmytruth #livingmypurpose #team♉
"First step to changing is knowing and accepting you have chosen for it to be what it is. Seek to make change not because what is wrong but because it is no longer an accurate statement of who you are." ...
Scarves and curls.
I'm really loving the texture of my hair. #rediscoveringme #livingmytruth
Making Memories Living my Truth..... with my family. I believe everyone should water themselves with love, words of affirmation and always giving thanks. No one will leave this life ...
Mtf transition timeline (2 years on HRT) Hey everyone! So, I decided to make a transition video to share with you all. I'm happier now than I ever was before, I'm living my truth and I'm loving it.
Cleaning Out My Closet Cleaning always inspires me musically, and sometimes I just get into the mood to belt out a hit pop song, you know? I'm not embarrassed. I'm just living my truth ...
Bacon Is Not That Good Bacon is not that good. An unpopular opinion? Maybe. But am I living my truth? Absolutely. ------------------------- OTHER CHANNELS AND STUFF more videos ...
August 27: It's my birthday and I did it??? Website: Facebook: Trustingmyprocess Instagram: livingmytruth.
Why Am I Giving Up my Apartment to Live in My SUV Living in my SUV: A Life Change that I Believe Will Save My Life Website: Facebook: Trustingmyprocess Instagram: livingmytruth.
We Do Exist We need to show our "other" selves! I saw Amber Starks TED talk about a new standard of beauty - really illuminating: ...
Snapchat Story: Drunk Dancing to Selena Gomez Living my truth one Selena Gomez song at a time.
Two Months On T!!! Instagram: komaris.journey So blessed to be living my truth.

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