Hurricane irma update

Replacing plant material post Irma. Looking good guys! #coastalgreenery #hurricaneirmaupdate #cgiteamrocks
Post Hurricane Irma Update: Back Aboard Y-Not in Marathon, FL We arrived earlier today back to Marathon, and Y-Not is looking great. Our first broadcast back aboard. ---------------------------------- Cherie & Chris have been full ...
Thank you to everyone that has reached out to us after hurricane Irma to check to see if we were okay.
Cayo Vida owner Chris Molinaro, was a first responder to help out in the #flkeys, and he along ...
So sweet of her!! It warms my heart to see good people in this world. ❤️🙏🏼
✨Thank you To Everyone who send good vibes to Miami or Florida!!!! It was quite a crazy week
and I am SO excited to get back to the Shop.
@inthecut305 and I are on the road towards Nashville.
We will ...
#repost @dr.throwerskincare (@get_repost)
UPDATE: Dr. Thrower's dermatology office and Dr. Thrower's Med Spa are open for business after Hurricane Irma until 4pm for appointments as well as product purchase.
Wishing everyone safety in the storm's aftermath!
Please ...
Keep checking our Facebook page and website for updates!
I have GREAT NEWS!! Granny got her power back on this morning!! We're sooooo happy!!
#hurricaneirmaupdate #godisgreat #powerofprayer #thankyouall #smileambassadors #sheepsquad #feelingblessed #feelingpainbuthappy #feelinggrateful
We are encouraging all seniors, caregivers and adults with disabilities to call our HelpLine for assistance w questions or concerns after the storm. 888-242-4464 Call NOW! #helpLine #resources #afterthestorm #hurricaneirma #hurricaneirmaupdate #eldersourcejax #seniors #caregivers #disabilities #help
So many things to be grateful for !!!
#hurricaneirmaupdate We all were very excited to see Zach for a little bit this afternoon. The Jones-Simmons clan did what we do best and took a family nap, it was awesome. Lyla is coping with our strange situation by playing ...
HEY PALS!!! ✨🤗IRMA UPDATE!! 😱 I finally have wifi and air conditioning here at my grandparents house! Our house is still out of power and no a/c or anything. This wasn't as bad as we thought (thank god) supposedly what ...
Good news! We are going to be making coffee at @wellscoffees tomorrow.

Wells Roastery and Tasting Room will open at 8:00am until the early evening/there are no more coffee-deprived people in Fort Lauderdale 😊

Hope you all are safe! See ...
Florida airports are now open and available for Private Jet travel. Call 📞786.332.6594 or visit 🌐 for your quote. -Opa Locka and Miami
-Ft. Lauderdale
-Palm Beach
-Tampa and St. Petersburg
and many others.
#hurricaneirma #hurricaneirmaupdate #miami #miamibeach #florida #tampa ...
#hurricaneirmaupdate: so we've been so lucky here in my city & in my county for the most part, all we had was minor damage across the county but none to my house & only minor to my city. But we ...
So happy to report that our store made it through #hurricaneirma with NO DAMAGE. 💜 We’re still in the process of getting our own homes and lives back to normal as we check in with our employees and families as ...
Update: Our phone lines are down due to the hurricane, but we have generators powering us.
Call the salesmen on their direct cell numbers:
Chris: 727-423-6402
Andrew: 727-423-6481
Brian: 727-902-5493
Scott: 727-742-3520

We are delivering today, if you need anything!

@ortaniqueonthemile will be open at 6pm today for dinner! bar opens at 5pm plus it's half priced wine night (every Tuesday) - plan accordingly! #irma #hurricaneirmaupdate #ortaniqueonthemile #coralgables #miraclemile
thank you to those who reached out to me. #hurricaneirmaupdate we are still without power (they say it may take up to a week to get it back on), a tree fell on our old house and the fence was ...
Florida governor gives update on Hurricane Irma's destruction Florida Gov. Rick Scott joins "CBS This Morning" over the phone on his way to the Keys to survey damage from Hurricane Irma. Subscribe to the "CBS This ...
Hurricane IRMA JOSE UPDATE! Hurricanes Earthquakes METEORS Sun freaking out What ISNT going on should be the question we ask because no matter where you look record are being broken and every day has brought us things we dont ...
Hurricane Irma - Possibly Our Last Update The storm is going to be rolling through our area any second so I thought I would upload what I've filmed for today real quick. BE SAFE EVERYONE.
11 a.m. Sunday Hurricane Irma update Meteorologist Glenn Glazer has your 11 a.m. Hurricane Irma update.
FLORIDA HURRICANE IRMA SCARY FOOTAGE, DAMAGE, CAUGHT ON CAMERA SEPTEMBER 2017 Footage of the biggest Hurricane to hit Florida. The largest storm in history of the Atlantic. Terrifying Hurricane Irma smashes into Florida devastating everything ...
Hurricane Irma Update! Florida Impact A Little Further West! Uploaded under "Fair Use" provisions for discussion and commentary at 9-8-17...5:16 PM EST.
Latest Hurricane Irma Update Your latest Irma update from meteorologist Tony Sadiku.

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