Day Five Galápagos, South-West Isabela Island. .
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Colecciona momentos, no objectos. [E] Collect moments, not things. #visitgalapagos #sancristobal #muyugalapagos #galapagos
Protect wildlife. Care for the Earth. Respect all creatures. #galapagosfoundation #wildlife #conservation #galapagos
This dude probably older than your great grandmother. Galápagos tortoise didn’t move to quickly so he was surprisingly easy to find #picoftheday #tortoise #galapagos #animalporn
Darwin’s Arch is a spectacular natural rock arch that rises 50 feet above the ocean. It’s just offshore of Darwin Island in the Galapagos and is one of the most amazing scuba dives sites. Thank you @johnrossphillips. We love this ...
🇪🇨 GALÁPAGOS is... a huge outdoor zoo! There are animals basically everywhere. Even in the harbor it happens that you literally stumble over marine iguanas and sea lions. 🇪🇨.
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"The Galapagos Whale Shark Project"
Filmed on location at Darwin's Arch, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador with Marine Biologist, Dr. Simon J Pierce @simonjpierce , Jonathan R. Green @jonathangalapagos and Alex Watts @alexmwatts courtesy of Marine Conservation Scientist at Marine Megafauna ...
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a stranger took a picture of us loll. but he captured another thanksgiving sunset with the wifey ! #year3

i didn't have too much time to reflect on things i'm grateful for this thanksgiving. luckily, i feel appreciative on a ...
Galápagos Tortoise babies...these guys are part of a captive breeding program to reintroduce the tortoise back into their native islands. They declined from over 250,000 to only about 3,000 in the 1970’s due to exploitation by humans for their meat. ...
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Thanksgiving is my favorite US holiday because it reminds me so much of Lebaran in Indonesia where everyone comes home for the holidays, the food is traditional and the mood is festive all weekend long. ...
WILD GALAPAGOS .ES UN MUNDO QUE DARWIN NUNCA VIO. DOCUMENTAL Wild Galapagos_6378.suscribite a mi canal y disfruta de los mejores documentales en español.
Utsu-P【鬱P】- GALAPAGOS (Full Album) I actually wasn't excpecting Utsu to release anything Vocaloid related this year due to him being rather busy with other things. So I'm not at all disappointed that ...
Galápagos Selvagem (FULL HD) Galápagos Selvagem (Wild Galapagos): A 900 quilômetros da costa do Equador existe uma cadeia de ilhas intocada por humanos durante milhões de anos.
Cruising the Galapagos with Ecoventura I spent eight days cruising the Galapagos on Ecoventura's newest luxury ship, the MV Origin, and had a life-changing adventure. Huge thanks to Ecoventura for ...
GALAPAGOS ISLANDS LUXURY YACHT!!! Day 1 | Dragon Hill THIS ADVENTURE MADE POSSIBLE BY: Today starts our Galapagos adventure with Royal Galapagos! We were picked up at our ...
GIANT GALAPAGOS TORTOISES Who really is the largest? Jay gets educated in giants tortoises who make our retics look tiny. Do you love tortoises as much as pythons? Living the dream some ...
María Celeste nada con leones marinos en Galápagos | Al Rojo Vivo | Telemundo La presentadora de Al Rojo Vivo hizo su sueño realidad al visitar las islas Galápagos en Ecuador y nadar con leones marinos. SUBSCRIBETE: ...
Documental ISLA GALÁPAGOS 1080p (5.1HQ) TODOS LOS DERECHOS pertenecen a los creadores del film, al comienzo y al final salen absolutamente todos los créditos de los creadores del Documental.
GALAPAGOS ISLANDS - ARE THEY WORTH IT? - Chase the Story 40 With our amazing sailing trip to the Galapagos Islands coming to an end, we go in search of the elusive penguins (yes - apparently there are penguins at the ...

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