This little girl we met in 2012 when we visited the cooperative EcoAndina in Argentina for the very first time. It was an amazing trip as it is always but living in up to 4000m is something. People are so ...
🦋Bendito aquel q aprendió admirar sin envidiar y a liderar sin manipular 😎 (un poco de sol no me caería mal) 😜😂😂#beautiful#gymmotivation#forabetterworld#livelife#inlove#goodvibes#becauseican#hope#motivation#ineedsomeone#everybodyneedslove 😍
🏖️The east coast of Zanzibar is marked by strong tides, when the sea🌊 is low it reveals an immense beach with the fishermen boats ⚓in the sand waiting for the return of the water, a very striking picture.
Inspira e faça sua Gallery Wall a mais nova tendência da decoração
Segue no Praia Shopping ...
A exposição do cliente MAIS consciente repleta de ARTES e Sem Vendedor
Exposição Cliente MAIS consciente #clientehonesto  #exposicaosemvendedor #pegue #pague #levesuaarte  #naoagrideanatureza #naocausaimpactoambiental ... may take seconds to say,
but for them
it could last a lifetime.

...weil es schön ist anderen Menschen ein Lächeln ins Gesicht zu zaubern!!! .

Wenn Du ein glückliches Leben führen willst, konzentriere Dich auf ein Ziel, nicht auf Menschen oder Gegenstände.💫💫
"What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans." 💚
Our symbiosis with technology for a better world! | Andreas Stavropoulos | TEDxAcademy Andreas Stavropoulos is a silicon valley technology investor who funds teams that can touch the biggest number of people and leave a positive mark on the world. In his talk he explains how...
Two years of milestone achievements for a better world- MARCA ESPAÑA This is a two-year assessment of Spain as non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. Did you like this video? Don't miss any more news about Spain!
The Spirit Nation Reborn In Struggle and Hope for a Better World A new nation of Native Peoples, tempered by the struggle at Standing Rock, face the future, not in defeat, but with wisdom and love.
Blockchain for SDGS Innovation for a Better World - Fintech4good - Washington DC Scaling Blockchain Solutions through Investment and Ecosystem Support Moderator: Xiaochen Zhang, FinTech4Good Sven Laepple, Country Manager, Blockchain Angels Oltac Unsal, President, Smyrna...
For A Better World I made a Soundtrack and a little Video. It's just for a better World. Feel free to use my Soundtrack for your Video. Show the beauty of the World to everyone. Peace for 2017! #ForABetterWorld...
Milken Scholars: Lifelong Leaders for a Better World Founded in 1989 by Lori and Mike Milken, the Milken Scholars Program honors exceptional young men and women based on their academic performance, community service, leadership activities and...
60 days of Cashless in India : Journey for a better world | Abhishant Pant | TEDxIIITD Mutual sharing of “Gyan” and having dialogue is what Abhishant believes is the key to explore self and world more. He is believer in the fact that theory should be tested, so 50 days back...
STOP. One Punch Can Kill - Dreams for a Better World Finalist Congratulations to STOP. One Punch Can Kill, one of the finalists for Round 1 of Dreams for a Better World. For more information and to vote for your favourite dream, visit https://dreamsforabetter...

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