@thebeast7812 😂😂😂 this is the last time I'm gonna embarrass this dude guys I promise💪🏾here's my name on the uspa world record site now gtfo my page. I train in what I want to train in which is Bench Press ...
Jeah, 2,5kg Lauch

Frau sagt aber das ich genug Lauch bin für sie.

Ui vergessen l, endlich wieder bei 120kg kreuzheben 5x5

#lauch #laucharme #masseistmacht #massephase #bulking #bulk
Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do. It is more than enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much HEART, MIND, BODY and SOUL into something ...
Motivational Progress 💪🏽
Top Left: June 29th
Bottom Right: December 12th
You might not be where you want to be, but you're not where you used to be 👌🏽
Bulking has been a new experience for me. Gaining weight as ...
Bulking. Aiming to put on 1 stone. Eat big, lift big and get big, as they say.
.... #fitness #gym #motivation #workout #fit #fitfam #training #healthy #lifestyle ...
today is really just another friday. nothing super exciting happening in courto’s world. no real plans, no holiday parties, nada. but that’s okay because i really am looking forward to today, ordinary or not.

i woke up blessed with ...
I want pumpkin delts soooo bad😭😭😭
#bodybuilding #bulking #dirtybulk #chocolate #twix #shoulders #triceps #pumpkindelts
Had a great workout today with my buddy @madsfabri 💪🏻
What a re you doing tonight?
Wish you all a great Friday 🙌🏻
Today’s training day was chest and back. I decided to superset everything for the sake of time. Nothing sexy in terms of heavy weight, but these are all huge improvements in terms of form and cadence. My bench press feels ...
Some smith machine shrugs to finish off today’s back workout with @powerbodybuilder20 & @brycemacgillivray this morning. Disregard the butt sweat 😂😂😂
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