POOR BBY IS SCARED (Original drawing by Yana Toboso)

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I've just watched episode S00E10 of Black Butler! #blackbutler #tvtime
Definitely my fav scenes of the whole movieeeee!! You go guuuuuurl💯

Lizzy was so freaking badass i love her!!…
Мне интересно, что представлял мой папа, когда видел, как Грелль ведёт себя с Себастианом. Это загадка
Смотрим с папой третий сезон ТД
Папа: что за месиво ты смотришь?
Я: ну...🤷🏻‍♀️
#аниме #ТемныйДворецкий #BlackButler #KuroShitsuji
Elizabeth Fight Scene - Black Butler Book of the Atlantic Elizabeth Milford, Sword Skills, Don't judge a girl by their looks. Bad Ass Fight.
|Black Butler BOC|| Ciel's Asthma attack 😷 {English Dubbed} Episode 5 Don't own Black Butler BOC Sub for more Black Butler Book Of Circus.
|Black Butler 2|| Sebastian vs Claude and Ciel vs Alois {English Dubbed} I don't own any Black Butler series. Everything belongs to the producers and animators. Manga version belongs to Yana Toboso Episode 7.

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