Oasis Mania | @oasismaniaofficial

Oasis Mania | @oasismaniaofficial

1962 Paisley Jacket by @phixclothing
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The lovely (and very sweary!) Liam Gallagher has donated his fiver to help Scotland’s homeless.

Do something amazing this Christmas - link in bio! #liamgallagher #oasismania
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Out of control...where were you Noel?
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Liam Gallagher on Insta ➡️ ‘On the Magic Booze’ LGx
Noel plays Tell us how you really feel with
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pt 2/2
Noel Gallagher plays Tell us how you really feel with
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pt 1/2
Noel Gallagher on what he's getting Liam for Christmas: "Well, Liam's been benefiting from my genius for a long time, he's going to do with that again this year."
Happy Birthday “Sergio Pizzorno”!
“The One Show” : Noel Gallagher on Oasis Reunion
Rare! Andy Bell, Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher and Jay-Z in Japan in 2002. (Via scyho)
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Noel Gallagher spoke on 'The One Show' this evening with Matt Baker and Angela Scanlon about Oasis entering the 'Rock And Roll Hall of Fame' next year .

Angela asked Noel if the induction ceremony would be ...
Making his One Show debut Noel Gallagher will be on the green sofas chatting to Matt & Angela Scanlon about his new album.
Catch the Rock'n'Roll star 🎶 7pm @BBCOne 🎸 📸 @direkzaldygumaru
50k people singing Don’t Look Back In Anger
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This is Noel's favourite Roses lyric, whats yours? 🍋🍋🍋
Angry Liam!
Noel Gallagher ➡️ @bbc6music
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Liam Gallagher on Paul McCartney to the NME. "I sit down and he goes, Do you like margaritas? I said, Yeah, but I had something before I come out, I don’t eat at this time of night. He said They’re ...
NoelGallagher’s High Flying Birds
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Fact Of The Day

The top 10 songs played live by Oasis between 1991 and 2009.

I Am The Walrus 302
Rock 'n' Roll Star 398
Acquiesce 404
Morning Glory 419
Champagne Supernova 445
Supersonic 464
Wonderwall 507
Live Forever ...
Oasis - Be Here Now (Live GMex, Manchester 1997)
Liam Gallagher speaking to the NME earlier this year about his comeback. “There’s no one out there like me. I’ve nailed it ’cos I’ve got the tunes. If it goes on attitude and aggression then I’ve pissed it. If it ...
Liam Gallagher narrates animation for climate change
On 13th and 14th December 1997 Oasis performed at G-MEX Centre in Manchester. What a gig!
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Noel Gallagher speaking to Reprezent Radio about Yorkshire Tea. "Yorkshire Tea. It's the future and the past and the present" #noelgallagher
Noel Gallagher ➡️ @icon_elpais 📸 @pawelpysz
Oasis - Columbia (Glasgow, 2001)

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