Following back people (9/20) | @knicksfeed

Following back people (9/20) | @knicksfeed

I am thankful for these three men right here!

Let’s build a championship contender in the near future.
Where do you think the Knicks will finish in the Eastern Conference?
Happy Thanksgiving Knicks Fans! 🦃
Overpaid or nah? 🤔
The 28-0 run was the largest in the NBA in eight seasons, and the plus-31 margin was the Knicks' biggest in a quarter in the shot-clock era (since 1954-55).
Knicks 108 Raptors 100 Final

T. Hardaway Jr: 38p 7r 7a

K. Porzingis: 22p 12r 3b

C. Lee: 15p 4r 7a

E. Kanter: 11p 4r 5a

Knicks Record: (10-7)
I see you @eneskanter11! 😳
Facts or Foolish? 🤔
Lance Thomas holds his opponents to 33% from the field.

Which is 5th best in the NBA currently.
The New York Knicks are at home to face the Toronto Raptors at 7:30pm/ET on MSG Networks! 🔜
The New York Knicks have won the most home games this season with 8.

Madison Square Garden is the best arena or nah?
Knicks 107 Clippers 83 Final

K. Porzingis: 25p 7r 2a

D. McDermott: 16p 5r 1s

T. Hardaway Jr: 13p 5r 5a

E. Kanter: 12p 16r 1a

J. Jack: 11p 2r 7a

C. Lee: 10p 5r 3a

Knicks Record: (9-7)
Thoughts? 🤔
The New York Knicks are at home to face the Los Angeles Clippers on a Monday night matchup! 🔜 (via:@knicks.nation)
Tim Hardaway Jr. (sore foot) will play tonight against the Clippers.
Double tap to celebrate Former Knick, David Lee’s 12 year career.

Lee has officially announced his retirement today. 🔶🔷
Kristaps Porzingis is shooting 34% over his last 3 games. Jeff Hornacek isn’t too concerned about it. “Didn’t Aaron Judge kind of just go through this? So relax, people,” he said with a smile. “He be alright just like Aaron ...
Tim Hardaway Jr. (foot) did not practice Sunday. He is questionable for tomorrow against LAC.
Should Michael Beasley receive more playing time? 🤔
Tim Hardaway Jr. had x-rays done on his sore left foot. Result are negative.

Should definitely be good to go Monday vs the LA Clippers.
Knicks 84 Raptors 107 Final

K. Porzingis: 13p 4r 2b

T. Hardaway Jr: 13p 5r 1a

E. Kanter: 12p 6r 1a

M. Beasley: 10p 7r 1a

J. Jack: 8p 4r 7a

Knicks Record: (8-7)
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The New York Knicks are on the road to face the Toronto Raptors at 7:30pm/ET on MSG Networks! (via:@knicks_everything)
Courtney Lee will be available tonight against the @raptors!
Coach Hornacek said his hamstring is still a little sore.
Hornacek said that Joakim Noah will be inactive again tonight - no room on the roster right now with team playing well.
Hornacek appreciated the Kanter Kerfuffle as bonding experience, says home sked has boosted confidence.

Use one emoji that best explains Enes Kanter’s season so far as a Knick.
Knicks Foward Kristaps Porzingis went from an 86 overall at the beginning of the season, now less than 15 games in he has already proved to be an 91 overall.

Does he deserve it? 🤔
The Knicks have started the past 3 seasons (including this season) with a record of 8-6. Do you think we will fall off by mid December like the last two seasons? 🤔

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